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Grand Opening: FISU WUC Mindsport 2024 Kicks Off in Spectacular Fashion at Entebbe

Grand Opening: FISU WUC Mindsport 2024 Kicks Off in Spectacular Fashion at Entebbe

Administration 24 June 2024

The intellectual prowess and competitive spirit of athletes from across the globe will be showcased over the next five days at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in the FISU World University Championship Mindsports 2024. Sixteen countries are set to compete in two mind sports: chess and bridge.

The FISU World University Championship Mindsports 2024 was officially declared open by the Vice Chancellor of Nkumba University, Prof. Jude Lugeba, who welcomed the guests and thanked FISU for giving Uganda the opportunity to host this prestigious event.

The FISU Representative, Ms. Nomsa Mahlangu, also welcomed the athletes and encouraged them to exhibit mental agility and strategic thinking throughout the week. “Today, we are not just opening a championship; we are opening doors to new friendships, new experiences, and new opportunities,” said Ms. Mahlangu. “The FISU WUC MINSPORT is more than a competition; it is a celebration of the potential of our youth and the power of sports to bring us together.”

The highlight of the evening was the parade of athletes, where participants from 16 countries proudly marched with their national flags.

The FISU WUC MINSPORT 2024 in Entebbe promises a week filled with thrilling competitions, cultural activities, and opportunities for young athletes to showcase their talents on an international stage. As the championship progresses, the spirit of sportsmanship and unity will undoubtedly continue to shine brightly in Entebbe.

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