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FISU WUC Mindsports Chess Classical Tournament unfolds

FISU WUC Mindsports Chess Classical Tournament unfolds

Administration 27 June 2024

In the intense arena of the FISU WUC Mindsports Chess Women Classical tournament, notable players from across the globe have begun their quest for victory. Here’s a glimpse into the latest standings after the thrilling opening rounds:

Leading the Pack with Three Points

Natalie Kanakova (Czechia), Liwia Jarocka (Poland), Hagawane Aakanksha (India), and Salonika Saina (India) have stormed ahead with three points each, showcasing their strategic prowess and determination early on.

Close Pursuit with Two Points

Not far behind, a formidable group of players including Anna Kubicka (Poland), Aakanksha (India), Salonika Saina (India), Natalie Kanakova (Czechia), Julia Antolak (Poland), and Anna Marie Koubova (Czechia) have secured two points apiece. Their consistent performance promises an exciting competition ahead.

Noteworthy Performances

  • Gloria Nansubuga (Uganda), a Woman FIDE Master, stands tall with two points, buoyed by her recent victory over Junu Birua (India) in a gripping third-round encounter.
  • 0 (France) has also displayed resilience with two points, highlighted by a strong start against Alsanea Mashael Abdulmohsen Mohammed (Saudi Arabia) and a decisive rebound against Mokshada Mahajan (India).

Player Insights

Reflecting on her journey so far, Djidjeli from 0 (France) expressed mixed feelings: “I have two points so far but I lost a game I should have won because I was better. It was a complicated game, but I’m happy that I won today.”

Looking ahead, she added, “I want to finish in the top five, but there are good players around, so I will wait to see what happens.”

Stay tuned as the competition intensifies, promising more thrilling chess encounters and remarkable feats from these talented players striving for glory.