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Top Performers Shine at Men’s Classical Chess Event

Top Performers Shine at Men’s Classical Chess Event

Administration 27 June 2024

In the ongoing men’s classical chess event, the competition is heating up with several titled players showcasing their skills. Leading the pack are international Master (IM) Szpar Miloz from Poland and FIDE Master Martin Horak from Czechia, both tied at three points each.

Following closely behind are France’s IMs Benjamin Defromont and Yovann Gatineau, along with Slovakia’s Richard Turcan and Poland’s Walter Szymon, each securing 2.5 points.

Uganda’s Mark Nyola Wasswa and Collins Alinda are among the players with 2 points each, joined by seven others including Saudi Arabia’s Yazeed Alshnaiber and South Africa’s Selepe Lwazi, who are unranked.

Poland’s Grand Master Janik Igor has also accumulated 2 points, triumphing over Libya’s Abdallah Alfaitori in the opening round, encountering a setback against Martin Horak, and rebounding with a win against Uganda’s Richard Kato.

Reflecting on his performance, Nyola commented, “Today was good for me, but I fought hard to beat South African Gerald Wagner. It was a tough match because we are all experienced players, and it was a good battle.”

Looking ahead, he added, “I’m just going to continue to play to my best and expect the best. That is my strength: be solid and play to my best.”

Stay tuned for more updates as the tournament progresses and the competition intensifies among these formidable chess players.